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Spring 2024

The Wondersof theNatural World

Our class participated in the second annual "Sustainable Spring" Fashion Show hosted by the Virginia Tech Office of Sustainability and the Sustainable Fashion Society at Virginia Tech. This year's show theme was "The Wonders of the Natural World" -- drawing fashion and design inspiration from the planet and all her beings. Our three student groups each designed an outfit made of 100% recycled and sustainable materials.

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"Seashells on the Beach"

Group A took inspiration from coastal beaches and seashells for their look. Utilizing fabric scraps, old t-shirts, seashells, and reused plastic bags, the group created stunning bohemian beach look topped off with a crown. Coral Bowman represented Group A as their model and the look was designed by Coral Bowman, Kayla Bolen, Madison Norman, Jaimie DeDea, and Gabrielle DeCotiis. (Photo courtesy of Richie Toledo)


Group B was inspired by waterfalls to create this look made of recycled plastic bags, cardboard, and old clothing. The flowy skirt represents the bottom of a waterfall as it collades with the surface below. Addie Gaudet represented the group on the catwalk and the look was designed by Addie Gaudet, Molly Meehan, Anahi Sanchez-Moya, Connor Hedderman, Sara Pacini, Ava Blackwell, and Jared Jackson. (Photo courtesy of Richie Toledo)

"April Showers bring
May Flowers"

Group C took inspiration from the saying "April showers bring May flowers" to reflect the change of seasons in this weather inspired look! Composed of secondhand clothing, recycled bubble wrap and plastic bags, fabric scraps, and soda bottle tabs. Megan Pritchard graced the runway for her group and this look was designed by Megan Pritchard, Jules Cerato, Josh Protil, Miles Dolan, Maggie Shelton, Elayna Ealy, Maia Mirro, Ethan Frye, and Emily Kafka. (Photo courtesy of Richie Toledo)

Participating in this fashion show was a hands-on, creative project that allowed us to showcase our hard work in front of an audience of over 700 people! Moreover, we all got the chance to use what we already had at home (in our closets, recycling bins, and beyond) to gather material to create our runway looks for free. We also enjoyed getting the opportunity to know the other students outside of our class who were partcipating in the show as well.


Photovoice is a visual research methodology that puts cameras into the participants’ hands to help them to document, reflect upon, and communicate issues of concern, while stimulating social change. Photovoice is a type of participatory action research in which people
– usually those with little power – use photographs and/or video to picture their environment and experiences and to express their thoughts about them.

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*Please note: All subjects depicted in the Photovoice assignment submissions have granted their consent to being photographed and allowed their picture to be used for this assignment. All photos courtesy of students in the Practicing Sustainability capstone class.*

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“The earth is art, the photographer is only a witness”
– Yann Arthus-Bertrand
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