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Sustainable Practices in My Life

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Written by Lily Espino

Leading a sustainable life to me means at its core to reduce my consumption of resources. I do this by shopping local and the farmer’s market every Saturday to buy foods that haven’t had to travel as far to get to my plate. I try to eat foods that are in season so that I can buy the majority of my fruits and vegetables at the farmer’s market. Not only does this build relationships with the local farmers and help the local economy, but it also cuts down on the carbon footprint of food transportation.

In terms of personal transportation, I tend to bike, walk, or ride the bus as opposed to driving everywhere. I have been able to use my bike around campus all five years that I have lived in Blacksburg, and have repaired my bike several times to extend the life time of its parts instead of buying new parts for it.

In academics, as an architecture student, I use a lot of materials to be able to convey my work through drawings or models. I have made a point to use materials that have previously been recycled or thrown out, and have repurposed many scraps in my projects.

Overall, I try to stay pretty conscious about the products I consume in my life, whether they are for meals, transportation, or school, and hope to find new ways to be a sustainable human.

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