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What Are Sustainable Practices?

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Written by Kyla Given

A sustainable practice is anything that involves the responsible use of resources. The goal of a sustainable practice is to reduce waste, emissions, and energy consumption. Some well-known examples of sustainable practices are recycling, using renewable energy, using public transportation, and using water-saving fixtures.

Sustainable Practices in My Life

A sustainable practice that I partake in that I find easy to incorporate into my busy life is responsible consumption. As a sustainable biomaterials major I am always thinking about what the products I purchase are made of and what they are packaged in. The materials used, how the materials are harvested and the amount of material used all play key roles in determining the sustainability of a product. One way that I responsibly consume products is by examining the sustainability of the materials that make up the product and product packaging and then doing my best to choose the most sustainable option. Another way that I try to be a more responsible consumer is by buying locally produced products when possible. When you lessen the distance your products need to travel to get to you, you also limit the amount of energy needed to get the products to you. Another thing that I do to try to be a more responsible consumer is being conscious of the packaging products come in. By purchasing products that come in reusable and recyclable packaging you can divert resources from the landfill, consume fewer materials and reduce the emissions produced by waste incineration. The last and arguably easiest way that I implement responsible consumption into my life is by consuming less. We live in a corrupt society where overconsumption is portrayed as luxurious instead of wasteful. While buying products that are locally sourced and in sustainable packaging is good, the best thing you can do as a consumer is consume less.

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